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Act As An Agent

Act as Agent for the developer in matters relating to new construction and products submitted by venders for consideration.

Our experience with new construction varies from working with the general contractor and design engineers, to supporting the on-site management team with answers concerning utility billing questions from tenants. We make an on-site inspection on behalf of management to insure that all equipment is running properly and that utility measurement and billing can start as soon as possible. Any problems with the metering, configuration, or installation is reported to construction and management immediately, in order to alleviate lapses in billing and interruption in cash flow.

Our knowledge of different metering configurations and their suppliers, coupled with an overall understanding of the utility resale picture, has been extremely beneficial in the construction of both malls and shopping centers.

With the multitude of metering equipment suppliers and the ever-evolving technology in the metering and energy management field, we continue to keep abreast of products that are worthy of developer consideration. We review the components, the test data, and most importantly, its application in the field. We take the time to critically evaluate claims made by manufacturer representatives and make determinations based upon other customers that are satisfied with component performance.