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Act As A Liaison

OUS acts as liaison with tenants for inquiries relating to monthly billing and or rent inclusion amounts.

The utility bill provided by OUS is a plain language, easy-to-read bill that not only shows the meter readings and amounts due, but also takes the tenant through the calculation of the bill for their auditing purposes.

4224281Regardless of the ease at which the tenant can read his or her bill, he or she may still require explanations as to the overall billing methodology. This includes, but is not limited to, monthly meter readings, check metering, estimating, the application of rates, and the choice of rates. The tenants can ask a myriad of questions and it is our function to answer those questions appropriately, ensure that they are comfortable with our answers, and instill confidance in that tenant that we are knowledgeable in the computation of their utilities. Upon request, we can provide tenants with histories of their monthly billings, copies of local utility tariffs, and duplicate bills.

When tenants are estimated, it is important to make available to them our tenant utility load survey. We explain all of the components of the survey and make sure that the tenant is aware of those services that make up their monthly charge. We also point out, if check metering is available, that their monthly tenant rent component for electric service can and will change if the metering does not agree with the original estimate.

In all cases, OUS responds to tenant questions in a professional manner. We make every effort to placate any concerns they may have, thus alleviating the need for unnecessary involvement by management personnel.