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Annual Budgets

Preparation of annual budgets based on historical as well as empirical data.

We are experienced in preparing annual budgets for both shopping centers and office buildings.

4880665Oakland Utilities prepares annual budgets using historical as well as empirical data. Empirical data is generally used when historical data is not available. When new developments require advanced budget figures, we most often use the current engineering figures applied to known data of similar centers that we serve. In this way, our experience can help our clients accurately budget for these future expenses.

After obtaining at least a year or so of recorded data and applying it to current leased occupied square footage figures, we are also able to accurately forecast usages for unoccupied areas for future billing purposes.

The information about whether a suite is occupied or vacant is necessary in order to keep forecasted utility rates accurate. We are able to gain this information through personal contact as well as through the use of a variety of Internet-based tools.

We utilize the Microsoft Excel program for the presentation of our annual budget reports. It allows us to create a very readable, easy-to-understand report that covers as many categories as are required by management.

We are able to adapt to any form that management may require, should they not want to use the particular report we provide. Our goal is to be consistent with the accounting procedures of our clients and to meet or exceed their individual and collective needs.