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Monthly Billing Reports

Preparation of monthly reports for posting and billing purposes along with individual billing to tenants.

Oakland Utilities boasts a unique combination of easy–to-read reports and bills for both management and tenant use.

Management enjoys a very clear and concise master billing sheet which details account numbers, meter numbers, present and previous meter readings, multipliers along with kWh, kW demands or Gas and Water CF amounts billed, and the rates employed. There is also a remarks column for each tenant. This enables us to communicate special conditions or information to management. This report can be used by management for posting and collection purposes. The same form is used for vacant space reports and common area reports.BillingReport

Another feature of the master billing sheet is the PB (previous balance). We have the ability to enter the previous balance reported to us by management into the meter reading section of our database. This allows us to show the calculated billing amount in the normal net billing section of the sheet while showing the total amount due including the PB in the Remarks section.

Our individual utility bills include all of the information contained on our master billing sheet, as required by most utility companies. We also include the entire rate calculation on our 8 1/2" x 11" sized bill. This can be audited by the tenant and leaves no doubts as to what rate was used or how it was applied. We find that our bill format has virtually eliminated those questions regarding how a bill is calculated. The bill is mailed first class in a double window envelope.

All data can also be transferred electronically utilizing whatever system is desired by management. At the present time, we have the ability to load the billings onto our web-site which is then accessed by our clients using a “user name and password”. Our clients can access only the centers set up under their specific user name. All information (bills, master reports, resale reports, tenant history… etc.) is down loaded via a secure transmission.