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Estimate Utility Usage's of tenants and common areas based on connected loads.

5314602Oakland Utilities has over two decades of experience in the estimating of utilities at numerous shopping centers across the United States. Emmett Mills Co. (a division of Oakland Utilities) has estimated the electricity usage for both tenants and common areas, at numerous regional shopping centers developed by Jacobs, Visconsi, & Jacobs Co. of Cleveland, Ohio. Oakland Utilities also estimates office building usage for buildings owned by such notable companies as; The Redico Company, Singh Development, and Kojaian Properties / Grubb & Ellis.

Our methodology for new regional mall developments is to take the load tabulation provided by construction, review the connected loads and apply them to hours use of demand arriving at KW and kWh usages for billing purposes. We possess years and years of empirical data collected from the metering of shopping centers throughout the U.S. and can apply the metered load factors to the connected load data.

Once the center has opened, we visually inspect all tenant areas to ensure the as-built connected load is the same as the designed specifications. We also inspect the installation of the check metering to make sure that everything is functioning properly.

On centers and office buildings where there is no advanced engineering data on the designed connected loads, we inspect the tenant areas after the opening, and bill accordingly.

Tenants who question the estimated usages are given a copy of our Tenant Electric Load Survey for their perusal. We review this survey with the tenant and address any and all of their concerns. We make changes on the billed usage if the information received from the tenant reveals possible errors that have resulted in over-billing. Difficult tenants are referred to management.