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Resale Reports

Preparation of electric resale reports detailing common area charges, all applicable taxes and gross returns from resale.

Oakland Utilities generate a utility resale report detailing all of the information relative to the total resale process.

The main bill from the utility company serving the center is listed first, showing the units used and the total cost amount. An average cost is computed and used th6392696roughout the report in determining the costs of all billing components. The resold tenants usage and amounts are then listed showing the retail amount of the tenant spaces https://pharmaciepourhomme.fr/. The average costs are then applied to this amount to determine the gross return from tenant resale. The same can be done for vacancies on a separate line if desired, or tenants and vacancies can be included on the same line.

The remaining components of the resale picture such as HVAC, outside lighting, interior common areas, and transformer usage are listed with the average cost being applied so that a gross return can be determined. If there are any major tenants billed on a primary rate, an average cost is applied to determine the profitability of majors.

Both state and local utility taxes are listed detailing the collected amounts for filing purposes. If taxes are charged on the main utility bill, the collected taxes are then adjusted down by the remitted amount to show the amount to be filed.

We use the Microsoft Excel program for the generation of our resale report. This report clearly defines all categories and helps to eliminate those questions relative to the entire resale picture.